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Parquet flooring, cupboards, doors, wardrobes and decking, we create and design parquet home environments just for you.

“We live and breathe wood”: that is our philosophy and the motto that defines our whole identity. For more than 50 years we have remained loyal to this fine natural material for our parquet flooring. We are ambassadors for top-quality materials. We dedicate the utmost affection and craftsmanship into laying the most beautiful real wood flooring beneath your feet. Got a question regarding tips or care? Get in touch! We are more than happy to help: we are Parquet Böhm!

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Mehr erfahren
Mehr erfahren

Wood is our building material of choice. High-quality parquet gives you a feel-good factor you won’t want to miss!

In addition to our services and specialist expertise, we also accommodate special requests and can offer made-to-measure furniture. Come and discover our doors, parquet and other wood creations in our showroom in Wecker. Here at Parquet Böhm, good advice and satisfied customers are what we value most. We would love to take you round our lovingly designed showroom.

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Parquet, laminate and carpets

Parquet, laminate and carpets for indoor and outdoor spaces, these are our top products for safe footing.

Parkett Durchgang Flur
Parquet Böhm Parkett
Parkett im Bad
Parquet Böhm Teppich

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Made-to-measure furniture

Wardrobes: Luxury, modern or natural – wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

Dressing nach Maß
Ankleidezimmer Luxemburg
Dressing Luxembourg

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Flawless installation and maintenance. We can show you how to keep your product looking beautiful.

Pflege für Holz
Holzboden reiniger Pflege

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Neue Natürlichkeit im Wohnbereich

Gerade im Wohnbereich macht sich ein neuer Trend zur Natürlichkeit bemerkbar. Für Parkett bedeutet diese Rückkehr zur Natur – wieder einmal! – den großen Auftritt.