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Stairs are still in.

From top to bottom, let Parquet Böhm create your very own stairway to success. Turn your stairs into a centrepiece for the family and guests. High-quality wood and a perfect finish come together for a stylish climb, even if there’s a corner to get around. As the saying goes: When a wall blocks your path, knock it down and build steps.

Beautiful steps for your stairs.

Narrow staircases can be made to look wider, attractive accents can be set and difficult space situations overcome with skilful aesthetic design. At the same time, wooden staircases are guaranteed to look good even after years of use and refurbishing requires little cost. Take the design of your stairs to “another level” by fitting your stairway with LED lighting using the latest technology.

Made-to-measure furniture

Want unique, custom products? Furniture designed for your requirements.

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Proper care is a must for the lasting enjoyment of your flooring.

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Stop by and let our samples do the talking! We’re happy to help you.

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