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Our laminate – classics, trend-setters and all-rounders.

We walk all over it day-in day-out, stepping on it with feet big and small, but it is resilient, and looks as good as it did the first day. A parquet or laminate floor from Parquet Böhm. We’ve got real wood expertise when it comes to laminate too: high-quality laminate from Böhm is stronger than most and features extensive surface design to make the wood grain look realistic. The wood effect is simulated not only in the look, but also in feel, right down to the finest authentic grooves on the surface that perfectly recreate the grain and texture of the wood. Has it clicked yet?

The innovative floor with that extra something.

To have the feel-good factor a floor should give off a pleasant and warm ambience, while being easy-to-clean and robust, just like our premium laminate. And our floors tick all the boxes. As unique and natural as wood and 100% pure and healthy… with its genuine wood grain our top-quality laminate resembles a real parquet floor and feels like one too. At the same time the laminate surface is extensively sealed, very durable and very easy to clean. With real wood veneers, brick or tile-effect designs and three-dimensional patterns, the design possibilities are endless when it comes to achieving the floor of your dreams. Quality laminate from Parquet Böhm is an ideal alternative to top-end parquet flooring.

Achieve bold style with vinyl and laminate.

Step onto natural sophistication without making a sound. Our vinyl collections are raising the bar. Every strip has its own, inimitable wood texture, giving it a more authentic appearance. The floor is your life’s stage: every vinyl floor has its own story and unique look – just like you.

Made-to-measure furniture

Want unique, custom products? Furniture designed for your requirements.

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Proper care is a must for the lasting enjoyment of your flooring.

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Stop by and let our samples do the talking! We’re happy to help you.

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