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Bespoke furniture for individual fashion.

Parquet flooring is our thing – so is making furniture. We know how to make your dreams come true. We fit walk-in wardrobes and elegant dressing rooms into all sorts of nooks and crannies. Premium materials will last for generations. Not a single inch is wasted. Tailor-made for your space.

Trun-App: Our Trun app gives creatives a first impression of what their furniture would look like.

ID: Parquetboehm

Trun App

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Dressing up your life.

Walk-in wardrobes offer the ultimate in convenience and work best when custom-designed. Using every last inch and every nook and cranny, every bit of room can be transformed into intelligent storage space. Our exhibition will give you an impression of the high quality standards of workmanship we apply in our workshops. We are happy to provide you with visual images to give you an idea what your dream furniture could look like. Our precision tools allow us to make it fit perfectly in every space.

Our Workshop

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It’s easy to keep order in your new wardrobe.

Taste dictates the style: sliding doors with glass panels, real wood veneers, open shelving … luxurious, modern, natural … wall to wall and floor to ceiling. It doesn’t have to be all wood, flexible design adds character to your rooms. The possibilities are endless.

Our services at a glance


Stairs are more than just a ascent to the next floor. They are a special eye-catcher.

Treppen Holztreppen
Treppe Luxemburg Aufzug
Treppe mit Glas

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Decking boards in outdoor areas add value and ambience.

Terrasse Holzterrasse
Terrasse Parquet Böhm
Holzterrasse Garten Luxembourg
Pool Terrasse Dielen

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Proper care is a must for the lasting enjoyment of your flooring.

Parkett Pflege Parquet
Holzboden Reinigen Pflege

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