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What is a kitchen really worth?

1: 1 you can not compare individually planned kitchen, since each seller uses other materials. All we can say is that we carefully plan a kitchen with you and implement it to the highest quality standards. By planning and implementing kitchens, we have noticed that we can often compete with the prices of furniture stores. Of course, this does not apply to mass-produced goods. The variety of kitchens is great, so the price range and the materials also, but we can say that we know how the piece of furniture was made and what materials it consists of.

Important factors for you when buying a kitchen:


    • Made in ……


    • material thickness


    • material: solid, veneer, wood decor, wood effect


    • material combination


    • free choice in equipment


    • rear wall


    • exact measures or standard measures


    • individually or bulk


    • how is the price


    • are adjustments possible

Custom made kitchen at fair prices

Again and again, the furniture stores advertise furniture with 20,50 or even 70%, including kitchens. These percentages often do not refer to exhibits, it must be stated that the pieces of furniture are either not the value advertised or the price was fictitiously increased. A carpenter can not stand those price jumps, as the prices were not artificially inflated.

How do the discounts come about:

The biggest part that you get in the form of discounts has been added to the sale price before. How is it possible to give away devices and parts of the furniture every day for free and still work economically? An accomplished medium of marketing strategy, which is not only appealing in the furniture industry..

Kitchen for the customer or customer for the kitchen?

It may sound complicated, but it is not. It is important for a dealer to bring the existing kitchens to the customer. We do it differently, we collect your wishes and produce the kitchen. You have a drawing, a picture, or just an idea, visit us in Wecker and we can plan or design the right piece of furniture for you. Whether wood, metal or mineral composite we adapt the kitchen to your wishes and requirements. We are completely independent of models, color and dimensions. A detailed explanation of each component of the kitchen, we can gladly hand you over, so you keep the track.

Custom Made Furniture

Exclusive and individual? Our master carpentry is there for you.

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Flawless installation and maintenance. We can show you how to keep your product looking beautiful..

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We would be happy to advise you personally.

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