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Parquet in the bathroom, warm and cozy.


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, retreat or even an oasis of relaxation. Exactly at this place you want naturalness and warmth, that can give you parquet. Parquet is naturally a floor covering where you don’t feel the cold. In addition, wood in combination with neutral colors (white, black) gives, for example, tiles a touch of nature and life.

May parquet in the bathroom?

The answer is clear Yes. Parquet can be laid anywhere in the house, you only have to pay attention to a few points.

Oak and walnut react very little to water if the surface is well oiled. Of course, puddles are always to be avoided and can ruin any floor.

Ventilation is the be-all and end-all in every living space, so it is no different in the dad. A healthy indoor climate always has a positive effect on your senses and your well-being.

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Parquet in the kitchen.

Parquet in the kitchen? Be honest with yourself and ask yourself where in your house the most dirt falls on the floor. Yes, it is exactly not in the kitchen, because who likes to spill their food or drink. You can turn it as you like, in the end you always get to a point, with parquet you have a natural flooring that can still be cleaned or sanded and thus becomes a general-purpose weapon. Sanding is usually done at the earliest after 15 years, depending on the use of the area. After each sanding, you can influence the surface again with suitable oil and you also directly change the effect of the room.

A perfect transition between dining room and kitchen made of one material always looks better and also shows a clear line in the room.

For these reasons we say yes to parquet in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Our specialist sales staff will be happy to help and advise you and will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages.


Stairs are more than just a ascent to the next floor. They are a special eye-catcher.

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