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Carpets, for an exquisite living environment.

Quality underfoot. Parquet Böhm has its own approach when it comes to quality carpets too. Top-quality pile carpets create a cosy interface to parquet and laminate flooring. The quality of our carpets matches that of our divine flooring. Check out of range for colours and materials that match your unique style.

Be inspired

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Warm & cosy beneath your feet.

Fluffy, warm and soft. Carpets are one of the most versatile and flexible elements of floor design. Stylish individual pieces can accentuate your new wooden flooring wonderfully.

To carpets

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All about cork

A surprising number of properties make cork an extremely attractive floor covering. It is the warmest of all the smooth floor coverings and even stores heat. Excellent sound insulation and impact sound deadening are further advantages. This material is a favourite thanks to its pleasant and harmonious look, as well as the water-repellent surface which it possesses naturally. Cork flooring can be supplied in natural, oiled, varnished or dyed form on request.

Parquet flooring

Parquet is natural and unique in character. Its natural look creates an atmosphere of warmth.

Boden Parquet Böhm
Helles Parkett modern
Parquet chambre a coucher

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Laminate flooring

Inspiring floors for a wonderful home full of design ideas.

Laminat Klicklaminat
Laminatboden Luxemburg Böhm

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Proper care is a must for the lasting enjoyment of your flooring.

Parkett Pflege Parquet
Holzboden Reinigen Pflege

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